Grading the Unis – Liberty Edition

Our classic look with a couple of modifications.


Helmet: C

I’m not a fan. I love the classic maroon helmet with no stripes look. I’ve never been a fan of the stripes on the helmet. They’re unnecessary and don’t add anything. Also, how many stripes do we need? When is enough?  I hope we go back to the no stripe look. I hope this was just a one-time thing.


Jersey: C

I’m a fan of the shoulder stripes. Let’s start there. But I’m a fan because it’s a classic look. So it should go with the classic varsity-style numbers. Now we’ve got this new number font to go with a classic look. Now it just looks weird. Either go completely modern or go classic. But don’t do both.

2016.09.03. Liberty at VT.
2016.09.03. Liberty University (LU, Flames) at Virginia Tech (Hokies). Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, VA. Final score: Virginia Tech 36, LU 13.

Pants: B

Who am I to argue with plain white pants with a VT on one side and the Nike symbol on the other?

Overall: C+

I’ve seen worse. It’s a bit of a mismatched look and not my favorite but the Hokies have trotted out worse over the years. I’m never going to be too hard on a maroon helmet, maroon jersey and white pants.


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