Grading the unis – ECU game

Helmet: B+

It’s exactly what it should be for Military Appreciation day. The VT is there but it is also honoring America and our Armed Forces with the waving flag motif. I like what they did with this helmet and with all the tacky helmets we’ve had over the years, this one was a pretty good effort.

Jersey: B

I like that we didn’t feel like we had to do a new jersey for this game. I feel like this uni would have looked bad if we tried to apply the waving flag motif to the jersey too. I like that we switched up the helmet but left the rest of the uni largely the same.

Pants: B

Would be an A if they had gone with the O&M stripes on the side.

Overall: B

They did a solid job putting this uni together. Significant improvement from the atrocities we’ve put out there the last couple of years. I hold to the fact that we should only ever wear maroon jerseys at home (no white, no orange). We lost to JMU wearing white at home. We lost to ECU wearing white at home. I’m over it. Let’s find a way to support the military and/or Herma’s reader while wearing maroon.


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